Wow.  Uh…wow.

The Bill Murray art print sold out in record time.

Big ups to Peter over at SlashFilm, and Omar over at TwitchFilm for getting the word out, as well as Mitch over at OMGposters for his coverage.

The demand was so violently fast, that we rushed a 2nd edition out, and even that is almost sold out at this writing.  (It’s the one on the bottom)

UPDATE- The 2nd edition is now sold-out…There won’t be a 3rd edition, but there will be plenty of new posters coming out soon!

If you’re interested, I wouldn’t sleep on it.  You only get the one  ‘Groundhog Day’ 2nd chance opportunity on this one.

Thanks all!  The 1st ed and Glow in the dark should ship by the end of next week!

– alex fugazi

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