“THE FURIES” Limited edition fine-art giclee print!

“THE FURIES” By Bernie Wrightson and a New T-shirt!

Hello Nakatomi peoples!

After a long search, Nakatomi is proud to finally release this Bernie Wrightson painting as an art print for the very first time!

Available as an 18×24″ edition of 300, or a 24×36″ edition of only 50 copies worldwide!

Originally painted for the Stephen King film adaptation, “Riding the Bullet,” directed by the great Mick Garris back in 2004, “The Furies” has never seen a print release…until now!

“The Furies” will be available at 2pm Central on Wednesday, April 13th, in the Bernie Wrightson section of the Nakatomi store- HERE.

Detail pics of the actual print reveal the texture and brushstrokes of the master…https://store.nakatomiinc.com/berniewrightsonsfrankenstein.aspx

Reproduced from a scan of the original art-board, provided to us by director, Frank Darabont, this print is made in-house at the Nakatomi Print Labs. Printed on heavyweight acid-free natural watercolor paper, with archival ink.
“The Furies” is available in two sizes: 18×24 edition of 300 ($75 each) or an ultra-limited 24×36″ edition of 50 ($150 each.) Each print will be hand-numbered and embossed.

Prints will ship within 1-2 weeks of the on sale date.

Hand numbered and embossed with the distinctive Wrightson “W”

“The Grave” a brand-new Wrightson T-shirt!

“The Grave” T-shirt, $22- pre-sale only!https://store.nakatomiinc.com/berniewrightsonsfrankenstein.aspx

“The Grave” screenprinted t-shirt, printed on a super-soft tri-blend tee, right here in Austin, TX.
Shirts will be available HERE in the Wrightson store!

“The Grave” shirt is a PRE-SELL, we will collect orders for 2 weeks, close the pre-sale, and orders will ship 4-6 weeks from that point. Note- if you order a print and a t-shirt, your print will not ship until the t-shirts are ready (they ship together).
Shirts are available in sizes XS-4XL, $22 each.

Special thanks to Steve Niles, Mick Garris, and Frank Darabont in helping us track this scan down! Frank was able to provide us with a treasure trove of previously-unavailable Wrightson scans, so look for more soon!

As usual, the artist’s share of the proceeds will go to Liz Wrightson.

Thank you all!

-alex fugazi