Almost the entire site, 1/2 off!


Hello Nakatomi Peoples!
It’s that time of the year again- for a few short days, we’re going nuts with the deals!

WHEN– RIGHT NOW! Nakatomi will has almost our entire inventory on sale for HALF OFF!

HERE’S THE LIST of what categories will be on sale for 50% off!
Weird Al
-Cybertronic Spree
Kings of Leon
Tim Doyle and UnReal Estate
Frank Frazetta
Paul Pope
Nick Derington

We’ll ONLY be selling products that are actually IN HAND, so orders will ship in PLENTY of time for holiday delivery!


We’ve got 3 exclusive timed-edition releases, only available now through Cyber Monday!

3 brand new “Shiny Objects” prints! Only available during this sale!

Artist Tim Doyle has 3 new additions to his long-running “Shiny Object” series! Each of these 12×16 Giclee prints will be signed and numbered by Doyle in a limited edition– size of edition to be determined by sales. Priced at only $20 each during the sale! Pick them all up HERE in the Nakatomi store!

The classic “Shiny Punk” print but now in an easy to frame 8×10!

We also have a new 8×10 edition of our classic Daft Punk foil image- this hand-pulled silkscreened art print is only $12.50 from now through Cyber Monday! Perfect for that small space you want to fill with art, or to signal passing aircraft if you’re stranded on a deserted island! Pick it up HERE NOW!

50% off PUZZLES!

UnReal Estate Puzzles, just $12.50 during this sale!

All our Puzzles are 1/2 off! Perfect for holiday gifts, and whiling away the hours on the aforementioned deserted island!

We have the UnReal Estate Puzzles for just $12.50, and much more 50% off! Grab ’em HERE!

Speaking of UnReal Estate…

Some of our best-selling prints, only $20 each during the sale!

The entire UnReal Estate range is on sale, including these 4 Ghibli-Inspired prints, originally produced for SpokeArt! Each print normally retails for $40- only $20 during this sale! Pick them up HERE.

There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to pick up that print you’ve had your eye on- and we’ll be shipping like mad to get all the orders out ASAP!

Check out the whole UnReal Estate series HERE!

SPECIAL NOTE from Tim Doyle-
As I’m sure everyone knows, 2021 has been a difficult year for so many of us, especially small businesses like Nakatomi. The only reason we’ve been able to keep the lights on, and all our people employed and paid is because of YOU, our customers. Your purchases on our site have been incredibly important, and we are so thankful for you. Even if you’re not shopping on Nakatomi this year, please support small businesses online and (safely) in person. Amazon and Best Buy and the rest will still be here next year, regardless. The small business community needs your help to make sure we’re all here too. Thank you again, be safe!

-Tim Doyle

Note to international buyers- shipping is still a mess internationally- items that used to take 7-10 days are now taking up to 3 weeks, or longer in some cases! We cannot guarantee any delivery times, but we can guarantee we WILL ship it as soon as we can- the rest is in the Postal Service’s hands!