Attack Peter makes his Nakatomi debut with some rock ’em sock ’em Kaiju Action!

UPDATE 10/21-
The prints have arrived well ahead of schedule, and we are shipping them out, starting Friday 10/22! Awesome!
At the time of writing, there are only 4 copies left of the print! Grab one HERE NOW, while you still can!
Big thanks to Attack Peter for getting this beautiful print out to us so fast! They look FANTASTIC.

Original post below—-

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Our officially licensed ULTRAMAN series of prints rolls on with this amazing Kaiju-sized print release from red-hot print artist Attack Peter! This print is dropping Tuesday October 19th at 2pm Central in the ULTRAMAN section of the Nakatomi store HERE!

This lino-cut print measures 20×30″ and is signed by Peter in a numbered edition of 100 copies.

From the steady hand of artist Attack Peter, “Ultraman Vs. Alien Baltan” is made from a hand-cut linoleum block, printed by the artist himself in his studio! Signed and stamped in a numbered edition of 100 copies. Produced on handmade Lokta paper, imported from Nepal!

Signed and stamped by Attack Peter in a numbered edition of 100 copies, on ultra-fine hand-made paper!

Attack Peter’s distinctive hand-carved imagery has been blowing up the pop-art scene for a minute, and you won’t want to miss out on this limited release!
Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

Give ’em heck, Ultraman!

“Ultraman Vs. Alien Baltan” will be $100, limit 2 per household.
Print measures 20 x 30″, and will be for sale HERE at 2pm Central on Tuesday, October 19th.

See you at the drop time! Thank you all!
-Alex Fugazi

Produced under license from Tsuburaya Productions of Japan, and The Licensing Group Ltd.