All rewards have now shipped!

Update- all puzzles have shipped! Did you miss out?

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Just popping in to give a quick update- if you pledged for the Wrightson Jigsaw Puzzle Kickstarter– as of today- we’ve shipped all the rewards! If you haven’t received yours yet, sit tight- they’re shambling their way to you like an cursed homunculus as we speak! (But like, shambling in a friendly way, not an eat-your-brains kind of way.)


DID YOU MISS OUT? Or maybe you want to order an extra puzzle set for a friend, fiend, or fellow traveler in rare and strange pastimes? Nakatomi has a VERY limited amount of puzzles left- 100 of the Frankenstein “Wedding Night” puzzles (above) and 80 of the Dragon puzzles!

Presented in a super-deluxe metallic foiled collector’s box with a resealable magnetic clasp!

Pick them up HERE NOW in the Wrightson section of the Nakatomi store!
These 1000 pc Puzzles are made on thick puzzle stock, packed in a super-lush collector’s box, with a resealable magnetic clasp and a metallic foil logo- and these will not be made available again! Grab ’em while the grabbin’ is good! HERE!

NOTE- we cannot ship these internationally– they’re heavy things, and international shipping has been nuts the last few months- our apologies!

Thank you all!
-Alex Fugazi

(ALSO- a VERY small number of you still have not filled out your survey and given us your address!! Go to your Kickstarter account and fill out your survey!!)