GREAT NEWS! They’re finally here!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

About 2 weeks ago, we finally heard from our shipper that the puzzles were being held in customs because APPARENTLY “Puzzles” are considered a toy/game and require extra inspection, among other hurdles.  

We heard that they were being released, but still had no definite word on delivery, so we didn’t want to update until we had a exact timeline for delivery. WELL- imagine our surprise when yesterday, and TOTALLY WITHOUT WARNING a truck pulled up to our print shop here in Austin filled with 3 palettes of puzzles!!

So- what is next?-
-Starting on Monday, we will begin processing orders and get these puzzles out to all our backers who pledged at any of the Puzzle levels!
– Once all orders are fulfilled, we will list any remaining puzzles on the Nakatomi site in the Wrightson Section HERE

Thank all of you for being so patient and hanging on here! Start looking for these to show up for US orders in a couple weeks, and make sure you post pics online when you receive them! If you’re on Twitter, tag and follow @BernieWrightson and on Instagram, @BernieWrightsonOfficial! We’d love to share your pictures!

Thank you all so much!
PS- We’ll be back with an exciting and NEW Bernie Wrightson Kickstarter in about a month’s time, featuring a team-up with an amazing current poster artist…will keep you all posted!
-Tim Doyle