12″ x 18″ artist edition fine-art Giclée, edition of 1000- $50

Bernie Wrightson’s Masterpiece returns to Nakatomi in a new edition!

Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

Due to popular request, Nakatomi and the Wrightson Estate are releasing a limited artist edition of Bernie’s most famous and sought-after piece, “…And I Shall Be With You On Your Wedding Night.” Print will be available today, Thursday the 3rd at 2pm Central in the Bernie Wrightson section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

The full detail of Bernie’s line work is staggering in person.

This new edition measures 12 x 18″, reproducing the full art at the same size as many of the other pieces in our Frankenstein Artist’s Edition series. Prints will be $50 each. All previous editions of this print sold out on upon release.

The searing fury of the monster comes off the page in this stunning work.

“…I Shall Be With You On Your Wedding Night” is a stunning achievement in the field of illustration, and Nakatomi is proud to release this Artist’s Edition to the public. Reproduced from a scan of the original art board, provided by film director, Frank Darabont.
Visible in the art are the pencil lines under the ink- giving you a real sense of Wrightson’s process.

Hand Embossed and Hand Numbered in an edition of 1000 copies.

Hand-numbered and embossed in the bottom right corner with the Wrightson “W”, this edition is limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Produced in-house at the Nakatomi Print Labs, this fine art reproduction is printed on archival acid free 100% cotton rag natural paper, with archival inks.

Prints will be available at 2pm Central time in the Bernie Wrightson section of the Nakatomi store HERE on Thursday, December 3rd.

As always, the artist’s share of the sales go to Liz Wrightson.

SHIPPING NOTE– Prints will begin shipping next week, and domestic orders placed during that time will arrive in time for the Holiday. (Most orders placed after the 9th will probably arrive in time for the Holiday as well, but I wouldn’t push it!)