Hello Nakatomi Peoples! We’ve got a bunch of new stuff from Artist Tim Doyle just now available on the site! Check it out!

New colorway on classic SHINY PUNK print!

Available in both regular and iridescent foil editions!

Our classic best-selling “Shiny Punk” print gets an update with a brand-new colorway! This first printing is available in a regular edition of 200 ($30) and an iridescent rainbow foil edition of 100 ($50) Available HERE while supplies last! Signed and numbered by Doyle!

Vietnam on Wheels- now as an 8×10 set!

Hang the entire Vietnam on Wheels set- in a fraction of the wallspace it used to take!

For the first time, our entire Vietnam on Wheels series prints are available as a set of 8×10’s, and for just $40! This open edition screenprint set looks fantastic framed up! Pick the up HERE. (and look at more frame-ups!)

“2222×35” Print Debut!

“2222×35″ print 24” square, signed and numbered in an edition of 100- $25

Nakatomi is also debuting this brand new print by Doyle- “2222×35″ a hand-printed 24×24” screenprint, signed and numbered by the artist in a first edition of 100. $50 Available HERE.
From Doyle-

Late last year I took some pictures of the setting sun over the highway intersection of IH-35 and FM-2222, not far from where I live here in Austin. The bright neon sky shines purple and pink and deep orange and the most intense, vibrant peach- I wanted to capture that intensity of color. The dynamic curving forms of the overpass framing the sky just gave me such an odd feeling of smallness, like I was this tiny thing observing this manufactured landscape.

ANYWAY- that’s enough from that weirdo!

Thank you all, and I hope you dig the new work!

-alex fugazi