Get the art print or stickers, and BONUS STAMPS!


—-UPDATE 9/9- NOTE we still have a few prints and sticker sets available, but they no longer include books of stamps. We ordered 6,000 individual stamps to fill orders!
Prints and stickers are in hand and will ship as soon as the stamps arrive at the shop
! Place an order today before they’re all gone!


Hello Nakatomi Peoples!

This has been a hell of a couple weeks if you love the USPS as much as we do here at Nakatomi. We’ve been shipping with the Post Office since day one here, and out of the tens of thousands of packages we’ve shipped- we’ve never found any other method more reliable or more affordable.

Nakatomi is offering these stickers and prints, designed by artist Tim Doyle, to help give back! Pick them up HERE in the Nakatomi store.

2 stickers 5 x 6.5″- includes 10 First Class Mail Stamps!

-Each print (pictured at top) will include a book of 20 First Class US stamps.
-Each Sticker set (pictured above) will include 10 First Class US stamps.

The USPS is a Public Good enshrined in the Constitution- and much like roads and bridges and breathable air- it is a REQUIREMENT for Small Businesses like ours to even exist in America. It doesn’t have to ‘make money’ like a business- it is an essential part of the very foundation upon which all business in America has been built for over 200 years.

From Tim Doyle-
About a week back, I saw a photo on Instagram where someone had stenciled the classic Woody Guthrie’s ‘This Machine Kills Fascists’ on to a physical USPS box, and inspiration struck! Now, some other artists obviously saw the same photo and made their own versions a couple days ago- but hey- as far as I can tell, we’re the only ones giving back to USPS with each print and sticker!”

Some absolute genius did this, and we had to ACT!

If anyone can point us in the direction of the person who did this amazing bit of public art, shoot us an email through our contact form! We’d love to make sure we credit the inspiration! (but like, don’t blow up their spot, not sure of the legality of it all…)

Order your stickers and prints HERE.

-Prints are $25, measure 18 x 24 and are signed and numbered by Doyle in a TIMED EDITION which will close at Midnight Central Time on Thursday 8/27.

-Sticker sets are $12 for two 5 x 6.5″ stickers, good for your car, laptop, or mailbox!

These are pre-order items- prints and stickers will begin shipping in Mid-September 2020.

Request your mail-in-ballots TODAY!

-alex fugazi