“Pool of the Forest God” 18×24 signed in an open edition

POOL OF THE FOREST GOD- now in 18 x 24″!

Hello Nakatomi peoples!

“Pool of the Forest God” now in 18 x 24″ size- available HERE.

At the most recent UnReal Estate show at SpokeArt in San Francisco, artist Tim Doyle released his print, “Pool of the Forest God” as part of his Miyazaki tribute series. It was ORIGINALLY at 20 x 30″ which looked great and all…BUT- it made it larger than any of the other prints in the series which were all at 18 x 24″.

SO, due to popular request, when it came time to print the new edition of “Pool of the Forest God” we made the print 18 x 24″ so it’ll hang nicely with all the others in the series, pictured below!

Pick up all 5 prints in the series! Now, all at 18×24″!

Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment- you can pick up every print in the series in the Nakatomi store HERE, for $40 each.