Flatstock SXSW Austin is Cancelled- so what next?

As many of you know- on Friday SXSW here in Austin was cancelled due to concerns over the spread of Covid-19. Cancelling SXSW includes Flatsock– the yearly rock poster show that happens the last weekend of the festival.

Nakatomi has been showing at Flatstock every year since 2010, and we’re deeply saddened that couldn’t happen this year. Barring anything crazy- we are sure that the festival will return in 2021.

While it is completely reasonable to exercise caution and cancel the show- that decision made by our government does not come without a huge impact to the local economy. Everyone in the Austin service industry, the bars, the local mom-and-pop shops, rideshare drivers…on and on will all feel the ripple effect of this for months to come. And, it will most definitely affect us here at Nakatomi.

As usual, we were going to have several exclusives debut at the show (including a signing at the booth by Comic Book Superstar Paul Pope!) but now we will have to release them all online.

SXSW is an important part of our yearly budget, and without the show- we’re looking at a bumpy ride. SO- to make up the difference, we’re going to have a sale, as well as the SXSW exclusive prints online in the next week or so.

Right now would be an EXCELLENT time to go get that print you’ve had your eye on, pick up a Wrightson Cycle of the Werewolf Set, or order our just re-stocked Nameless Goose Pin!

Thank you all to everyone who has supported us and all the artists that we work with through the years! It REALLY does make a difference in our lives.

We’ll keep you all updated as usual through our mailing list and social media about upcoming releases!

-alex fugazi

Remember- wash your damn hands, sneeze into your elbow, and if you’re sick- stay home! And always ALWAYS tip 20%.