18″ x 18″ signed and numbered edition of 200! Free w/ purchase of any print!


For our 10th anniversary year, Nakatomi has decided to DIG DEEP and bring back MurrayX6– which has been out of print for over 10 years!
This month’s print is Murray’s portrayal of Bob Harris from “Lost in Translation”!

Each month we’re going to be printing ONE of the six squares from MurrayX6, at the SUPER BIG SIZE of 18″ square- and we’re just going to GIVE IT AWAY, like a crazy person.

Detail shot of the actual print!

SO– starting TODAY, any orders for a print on Nakatomi will include one of these prints, while supplies last! MURRAYx6- Lost in Translation is signed and limited to 200 copies and will ONLY be available online through this promotion!


And if you’re looking for something to pick up to get this free print- Maybe team this up with an order for one of our BLADE RUNNER Tribute prints, and ALSO get a free “Replicant Dreams” pin AND this print? Double dip on our promos! Read about that HERE!