18×24 edition of 60 regular edition- $50 by Yin Shian Ng

METALLICA Göteborg by Yin Shian Ng!

Nakatomi regular and just amazing all-around-talent, Yin Shian Ng is back with her latest Gig Poster for the juggernaut of rock- METALLICA!

Prints will go on sale Wednesday 7/10 at 2pm Central time in the METALLICA section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

This hand-printed silkscreened AP edition of last night’s VIP show poster is exclusive to Nakatomi and the regular edition is limited to just 60 copies worldwide! $50.

18×24 Iridescent Foil edition of 40, $75 by Yin Shian Ng

Also available as an Iridescent Foil Variant of only 40, $75 each!

Keep your peepers peeled on the Nakatomi site HERE Wednesday at 2pm Central and don’t miss out!

-alex fugazi