18×24 hand-printed on Iridescent Foil paper, edition of 50, Exclusive to NAKATOMI


The July leg of the “WorldWired” Metallica 2019 tour kicks off with a Berlin date, and the “Enhanced Experience” VIP print is by artist Rhys Cooper!

This print has two variations, each in editions of 50.
The 50 copies being sold by Nakatomi are all on Iridescent Rainbow foil, and the 50 copies being sold by Rhys are on Silver foil.

Nakatomi will be releasing our copies at 2pm Central time on Monday, July 8th. Copies will appear at the top of the METALLICA page in the Nakatomi store HERE.
Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.

Both the Nakatomi and Rhys’ copies will sell for $120.

For info on Rhys’ sale, keep an eye on his Instagram HERE.