Nakatomi will be set up at our 7th Rooster Teeth Expo here in Austin this weekend! If you don’t know what Rooster Teeth is…well, I’m going to need you to go get some headlight fluid and report back here for duty.

SERIOUSLY– something like 65,000+ SUPER NERDS (our people) are expected to descend upon the Austin Convention Center for a weekend of INTENSE internet/gaming culture…uh…INSANITY.  (I need a thesaurus here, apparently.)

This is what the place looked like in 2016- it’s only gotten more crazy!

Free game demos, crazy cosplay, and all the weird internet celebrities you can imagine all crammed under one roof!  And us! Don’t forget us!

We’ll be slinging copies of UnReal Estate: The Book, and artist Tim Doyle will be doing free drawings in every book sold! Here’s a sample of a few past book sketches!

Nakatomi will be on the showroom floor, in the main convention hall and Doyle will be present all 3 days!

RTX 2019 runs from Friday 7/5/19 through Sunday 7/7/19, here in Austin at the Austin Convention Center!

-alex fugazi