18×24 4 color silk screen print- signed and numbered in a limited edition of 200

“I Did Miss You” art print by Josh Budich!

Available HERE NOW.

In 2014, artist Josh Budich created his Star Wars – Original Trilogy Collection print set. His goal was to tell not only the epic story of each film, but also focus on what he considered the true “heart” of the films to be. This is the story of the hero, Han Solo, and his growth from smug outsider, to the love of a Princess, to central Hero of the Rebellion itself.

Print detail

Last week, Josh released his copies of the print, which promptly sold out. In a joint release with the artist, we are releasing a very small amount of copies held back from the original run of 200 to the Nakatomi Nation- for $40 each! These are the very last copies of this edition, don’t miss out again!

Prints are available HERE NOW.

I Did Miss You” is an 18″x24″ screenprint on premium French Madero Beach stock; signed and numbered, limited-edition of 200.

Print is in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

-alex fugazi