Metallica by Yin Shian Ng!

Available HERE at 2pm Central on 9/9 (Sunday)

Tonight’s sold-out VIP poster for the Metallica show in Grand Forks, North Dakota is coming to Nakatomi!

These hand-printed silkscreen posters are designed by artist Yin Shian Ng, all the way from Singapore! Nakatomi published Shian’s first screenprint (available here) and we’re super excited to have her back for this amazing print!

These are available exclusively on Nakatomi!

The edition available at the venue were off-set/litho prints- these exclusive artist copies are the only screenprint versions of this art available anywhere, and in a very limited qty!

Images are pics of the ACTUAL posters- not a digital mock-up!


Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.

PICK THEM UP HERE on 9/9 (Sunday)

-alex fugazi

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