Metallica by FLOREY!

Available HERE, Wednesday 9/5 2018 at 2pm CENTRAL.

The Metallica 2018-2019 North American tour poster series rages on!

Tuesday night’s sold-out VIP poster for the Metallica Hard-Wired To Self-Destruct tour is on sale tomorrow on Nakatomi!

These hand-printed silkscreen posters are designed by Australian artist FLOREY and are available exclusively on Nakatomi!

The edition available at the venue were off-set/litho prints- these are the only Screenprinted versions of this art available, and in a very limited qty!

Images are pics of the ACTUAL posters- not a digital mock-up!


Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.

PICK THEM UP HERE at 2pm Central time on Wednesday 9/5/2018!

-alex fugazi

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