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FRAZETTA: WORLDS Silkscreen Art Prints!

Frank Frazetta is a name that all fantasy and comic artists know and revere. One of the founding fathers of fantasy art, the reach of his affect on popular culture cannot be underestimated. From movie posters, to album covers, to animated film- even to video game design, there is not an area of entertainment that hasn’t felt his influence.

The goal of this Kickstarter project is to present four of Frazetta’s most iconic, classic paintings into a medium they’ve never been adapted to- Collectable limited edition silkscreen art prints!

The silkscreen printing process (Serigraphy) gives rich, deep, and vibrant colors that just are not available through any other process. Each completed print is a unique art-object, produced through a labor intensive method where each hand-mixed color is laid down individually until the full image is revealed.


The prints themselves will each be produced in a hand-numbered limited edition. Edition size of the regular edition prints will be determined by the number of pledges for each reward.  Each print will measure 24×36″ and will be hand-embossed with our exclusive logo to ensure authenticity!


Each print will be hand-embossed!
Each print will be hand-embossed!

“Death Dealer 1”- 24×36 inches.

"Death Dealer 1"
“Death Dealer 1”


“Barbarian” – 24×36 inches.



“Silver Warrior” – 24×36 inches.

"Silver Warrior"
“Silver Warrior”

“The Huns”– Exclusive to Set-Level pledges- will measure 18×24

"The Huns"
“The Huns”

Note- all prints are standard frame sizes for easy framing.

All paintings will be printed on high-quality archival museum quality cotton-rag paper for a very lush presentation and feel.


Backers can choose from several packages, including individual prints, variant sets, and a Platinum Printer’s Proof Package limited to an edition of 20, that includes everything! Note- we will be using Backerkit to fill orders, so you will be able to add to your pledges upon completion of the campaign. (Extra t-shirts, posters, etc)

Frazetta Worlds T-shirt

Exclusive T-shirt
Exclusive T-shirt

Kickstarter EXCLUSIVE shirt! Show the world you backed this project! High-quality 100% ringspun cotton t-shirt with the Frazetta: Worlds project Logo on the sleeve.

Exclusive 3-Pin DEATH DEALER Set- $30

3 enamel pins based on DEATH DEALER!
3 enamel pins based on DEATH DEALER!


3 enamel pins, each measuring approximately 1.5″ exclusive to this project! will ship on a custom backer card (pictured). Based on the armor and axe of the DEATH DEALER!

Death Dealer Holiday Sweater- $100


Pledge $100 and receive this Kickstarter-exclusive Holiday Sweater! Made in the USA, this super-warm and soft garment may or may not help you repel demons, but it will absolutely put your “Ugly Sweater” game on the NEXT LEVEL!  Slay that punch-bowl of egg nog! Pictured above is a digital proof- we’ll have actual fabric and sample pics in an update to follow! Note– we also have a pledge level for Sweater+Print for $200.

Individual Prints- $125 each

24x36 posters- available individually
24×36 posters- available individually


Pledge $125 and receive a print of your choosing! Each print measures 24×36 and will be hand-numbered and embossed in a limited edition.

Note- with Kickstarter you can only pledge at ONE level per project- if you want more than one print, but not a full set, pledge for the qty of prints you want, and you will be able to select your prints at the close of the project through Backerkit.

Full 3- Poster Set- plus BONUS “The Huns”- $325

All 3 prints, plus set-exclusive "The Huns"
All 3 prints, plus set-exclusive “The Huns”


Pledge $325 and receive all 4 art prints in a matched-number set. Low edition numbers for each print will be reserved for this pledge level.

Foil Set- $700

All 4 prints on iridescent foil! Limited to 50.
All 4 prints on iridescent foil! Limited to 50.


Pledge $700, and receive all 4 art prints, presented on iridescent silver foil paper- limited to just 50 sets worldwide. Hand-embossed in matched-number sets. Note- Foil prints are not available individually.

Platinum Set- $1000



This set will include all regular AND foil versions of the prints in a Printer’s Proof edition limited to 20 copies, the 3 pin set, the T-shirt, the Holiday Sweater, any stretch goals this project unlocks, PLUS an exclusive Black and White (and Red) Variant of the DEATH DEALER that is only available at this level. Limited to just 20 sets worldwide!  This pledge level will ship with all posters FLAT in a thick carboard ‘sandwich’- no need to flatten the prints before framing!


We are committed to ensuring that these paintings are presented in the best possible way, and we’ve brought in a murderer’s row of talent to help us make it a reality!

Nakatomi has brought on artist Jon Smith, who has perfected the method of adapting full paintings to the silkscreen medium, to bring these pieces to life. He’s done work for artists as legendary as Drew Struzan and James Jean. Jon lives here in Austin, and we are working closely with him on the file prep.

Lady Lazarus is handling Printing of all Screenprints for this project!
Lady Lazarus is handling Printing of all Screenprints for this project!

The printing of these art prints will be done by Lady Lazarus in Houston. Like many of us, they were inspired to begin a career in the arts by Frazetta’s paintings, and the opportunity to get to work on the printing of such iconic images is a dream job for them.

The Budget

Our $12,000 goal is to pay for the labor, materials and printing to cover the production of an edition of all four Screenprints, as well as shipping them to backers, as well as all assorted stretch goals we hope to be able to reveal!

Special Note-

The Frazetta Family, headed by Frank Jr., maintains the Frazetta Museum in East Stroudsburg, PA and we are proud to have partnered with them on this Kickstarter project to help them in their goal to preserve Frazetta’s legacy for generations to come!