Samurai with a Magic Sword” 12×24 print by Josh Budich and Tyler Skaggs!

Josh Budich’s Samurai Jack tribute was originally released on Nakatomi exactly 6 years ago today! It sold out instantly, and it’s finally back now with a brand new color way by artist and printer, Tyler Skaggs!

This 12×24 print is limited to just 150 copies in this edition, and is hand-printed in the Nakatomi studio here in Austin, Texas.

Available in a regular edition printed on Tag Manilla stock, or this super-limited Wood edition of only 15 copies, pictured below!

This roll-able paper stock has a thin veneer of actual wood, which shows of the natural grain. Really impressive paper to see in person!

Regular edition is $30, Wood edition is $75.

All prints are in hand and available for immediate shipment!

Pick them up HERE.

AND REMEMBER- all orders are still shipping with free copies of Tim Doyle’s David Bowie Test print! All prints measure 16×20, and each are unique!