Artist Tim Doyle is releasing 3 prints, new to the Nakatomi nation!

Each print measures 18×24, and is in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

“CatWatcher” is a 7-color hand-printed silkscreen print, signed and numbered by the artist in a limited first edition of 150.  Note from Doyle-

“This print is inspired by comic artist and writer, Brandon Graham’s ‘StarWatcher Project’ in which different artists did their own homage to artist Moebius’ classic ‘StarWatcher’ illustration. Seeing all the amazing entries, I wanted to take my hand at paying tribute to the master.  Featuring my old comic-book character Sally Suckerpunch, and my cat Pickles. Warning, Pickles is a very, very bad cat. This is easily the most technical print I’ve ever done. I’m using a lot of fades and overlays here that I hadn’t attempted before, and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out. If you’ve never checked out Moebius before, definitely take a look- you won’t be let down. You’ll find the artist that inspired the artists I was inspired by- Moebius is in a very real way, the visual source for everything I’ve enjoyed in pop-culture and art.”

CATWATCHER is available HERE

“Future Null Infinity” is a 6-color hand-printed silkscreen print, available in a signed and numbered limited first edition of 150 copies.  From Doyle-

“I was commissioned to design an album cover for Japanese based musician Johnny Massacre, who requested I do something in the vein of my Blade Runner inspired prints. When it comes to art direction like that- you don’t have to ask me twice! Johnny was a great client, and I’m very happy to release this art-print version of the art.”


This Kraftwerk poster was originally commissioned by The Flood Gallery in the UK, and is now available for the first time on Nakatomi!

This print features metallic gold AND silver ink, and is signed and numbered in an edition of 120.


All prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

Remember- we’re ALSO giving away free Bowie test prints with every order- you can read more on that HERE.