Available HERE.

Last night’s VIP poster for the Metallica Hard-Wired To Self-Destruct tour is now available on Nakatomi!

Produced in conjunction with the Wrightson estate, this 18×24 hand-printed silk-screen poster features a s reproduction of one of Bernie’s classic Frankenstein images, with color treatment by artist Dan Grissom!

From Doyle-
“When we were originally approached about producing this tour series for Metallica, our initial thought was to have the entire series be the images from Bernie’s Frankenstein portfolio. The name of Metallica’s latest album, ‘Hardwired to Self-Destruct’ seemed tailor made for the story of Frankenstein. While the band wanted to go with a different artist for each date, they did specifically request we use this image for the Pasadena show.  We want to thank Liz Wrightson so much for allowing us to keep moving forward with this project!

The prints available at the venue were off-set litho prints, and these AP copies we’re selling on Nakatomi are the ONLY silkscreen copies of this print available.

Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment.


-alex fugazi