—UPDATE 4/24/17—


Patches FINALLY arrived! YAAASSSSS!

We’re going to start shipping these out as fast as possible- look for shipping confirmation emails as the labels get printed off, and domestic orders should start arriving by the end of the week as we grind these out. Thank you all so much for hanging with us this long, we’re so relieved to finally have these in hand!

Thanks so much!

—UPDATE 4/13/17—

Hello Everyone-

WELL- we finally got some good news in this department. After a month of evasive emails, non-commitments, and being just plain ignored from our vendor, we finally pulled the plug on our order with them and placed a new order with a new trusted patch vendor, and we are currently expecting patches in hand on 4/25. We sprung for rush printing and overnight international shipping, as we’re as sick of waiting as I’m sure most of you all are. We have not yet received our refund from the first vendor, but we went ahead and spent the money already on the new order to get them to you faster!

I’m hesitant to give exact in-hand dates, as I don’t want to let anyone down any further, but we’re just relaying the information as we’ve been given.

Please note- we’ve already donated all the money collected for these patches to our science charities- all extra money spent here is coming out of pocket- but we wanted to make sure we get you all these patches as soon as we could.

Our sincere apologies for the wait here- we made the mistake of trusting this vendor, and they let us down, and in turn we let you down. BUT- the end is in sight, and we’ll post photos as soon as they patches arrive!

Note- we WILL have extra patches on hand, and should have some remaining to sell to people who missed out on the initial offering.

Thank you-

Tim Doyle

-Original post below-from 3/24


First of all- thank you to everyone who purchased a RogueNASA pin and patch, as part of our fundraiser for STEM education.

We sold a GIANT amount of these, and took the proceeds and donated them to charity- which you can read about here.

We placed the order with the manufacturer in China for both the pins and patches. We were told they’d be in our hands in 4-5 weeks from the time of ordering, so we told you all- the customers, that we’d be able to ship within 5-6 weeks. The pins showed up…and the patches….?

The manufacturer shipped them to Australia. Now, we’re in Austin, so maybe they just read the ‘AU’ part of our address or something, buuuuut…yeah. We’re not in Australia.  The vendor said the box was returned to China, and re-shipped to us here in Texas, and that we’d receive it any day now. This was 2 weeks ago. Ugh.

We shipped all orders that were just for pins, and we can ship orders for patches and pins+patches the SECOND they are in hand.

SO- where does this leave us? I’m exploring just straight up ordering another batch of patches (unintentional rhyme there…) from another vendor and shipping them out- but that will take at least another month to get to us, and the original order may in fact show up at any point. And to compound matters, all the funds have already been donated to the charities, so we’d be going well out of pocket doing this.

BUT- trust us, we are on top of this as much as we actually can be, and will have a solution for you all shortly.

Again- our apologies, and this is not our normal way of doing business!

Stay tuned…

Tim Doyle