VALAR MORGHULIS on sale 2/3!

New from NAKATOMI- comes this amazing print by Marvel Comics artist IRENE STRYCHALSKI!

“Valar Morghulis” will be available on Nakatomi FRIDAY 2/3 at 2pm Central time in the ART PRINTS section!

Irene has been doing amazing work over on SILK over at Marvel- check it out!

This is her very first silkscreen print, and the detail is just staggering- Click on the picture above for a MUCH larger image!

Take a look below at pics of the actual print!

Inspired by the book series “Song of Ice and Fire”– this print draws it’s imagery from the book series!

Also available in the ‘ICE’ colorway pictured above! Pic of actual print below-

“Valar Morghulis” measures 12×36 and both editions are numbered out of 150 copies each.

Both sell for $50 individually, or $80 for a matched-numbered set! Only 30 matched sets available and they will be for numbers 1-30!

Prints are already printed and in hand for immediate shipment!

See you on site at 2pm Central time on Friday 2/3. Prints will appear at the top of the ART PRINTS section of the Nakatomi Store HERE!

-alex fugazi