Today is Friday the 13th (uh-oh), and Spoke Art in conjuction with Midnites For Maniacs is hosting a screening of Total Recall at the Roxie Theater in San Fran! Spoke commissioned Nakatomi artist, Tim Doyle to do the honors on the print for the event!

This 18×24 5-color hand-printed poster features a metallic ink split fountain, and metallic background! Signed and numbered by the artist in an edition of 100. Copies will be for sale at the event, and copies will be on sale on their website shortly afterwards. Stay tuned to the Spoke Art site for details!


Here’s some insight from Doyle on the image-

“Total Recall is what Paul Verhoeven directed after Robocop- one of my all time favorite movies. I’ve visited Robocop several times in poster form, so it’s a lot of fun to finally visit this classic as well. In many ways it’s a bit of a spiritual successor to Robocop- the overwhelmingly brutal action, the over-the top commercials and world-building in happening in the background of almost every shot, and obviously the evil-corporation-as-the-villain.  But at the core- Total Recall, like Robocop before it is about IDENTITY. Is the hero who he thinks he is? Is Quaid the person he’s being told he is? Can’t we just solve this all through punching and shooting? Much like the Robocop poster I did for Spoke Art a few years back, I’m depicting the hero coming together- the parts of his fragmented mind plugging into place, and the skin of another identity (the “TWO WEEKS” lady) being stripped away.  Verhoven’s films are always much, much deeper than they appear to be, and also things go ‘splode very nicely.


Check out the Spoke Art facebook page HERE for updates!