HELLO Nakatomi Peoples!

It’s been 6 months since the last Nakatomi-Wide MYSTERY TUBE SALE, and it’s time to once again tempt fate, cast caution to the wind, and DIVE BACK IN FOR THE CRAZY!


They will appear in the Art Print section of the Nakatomi store HERE.

PLEASE NOTE– we’ve never NOT sold out of a Tube Sale- so be ready!

Tubes are $50 each– Each tube will have 5 prints in it-all suitable for framing. Some are considered ‘scratch/dent’ in that there’s minor printing flaws or a ‘soft’ corner, but nothing that won’t frame out.

The quick and dirty is this- you’ll get 5 random prints from Nakatomi artists past and present, and a shot at some really great bonus prints for $50

So, what’s in the pool of awesome that you’ll have a shot at getting this time out?

Exclusive prints!

This time we’re selling 3 different tubes. A, B, C. Each tube will come with one of 3  ‘SHINY OBJECTS’ prints that are exclusive to this tube sale. There are 200 of each print, and only 200 of each of the 3 tubes, 600 tubes total. If you order all 3 tubes, you will get all three of these prints. The other 4 prints in each tube will be different from groups A, B, and C. If you order all 3 tubes, you will receive 15 unique prints. Hope that was clear! If you order more than ONE of style A- for instance, you will receive the same Shiny Object print in each, but the other prints may not necessarily be the same. Short and sweet- we’re doing this to avoid people getting duplicates!

The Shiny Object prints measure 12×16 and will be signed and numbered by Doyle in an edition of 200 each, and will never be for sale through the Nakatomi site on their own.


You are welcome to buy as many tubes as you want- you will receive a copy of one of the exclusive prints in each tube. Only one tube per order– we cannot combine shipping- as we can only fit 5 prints in each tube!



We’re randomly inserting a totally awesome and unique test-sheet with orders! A test sheet is like 4 prints flying at your eyes at ONCE! Truly a byproduct of the Silk-screen process, we run screens on scrap paper as we’re working on a project, and what you get is a random collage of color building up on a sheet of paper, until we judge that it’s ‘done’ and throw it on our stack of completed sheets!  No two prints are alike! The Nakatomi Staff made sure each Test print this time around looks SOLID. People who are fans of randomness and the silkscreen process will love ’em!

FYI- no tube will have more than ONE test sheet in it, if at all!


Photos taken around 5:00 PM on Red Run blvd in Owings Mills of a Mail Truck on fire outside the Royal Farms Gas Station on the corner of Red Run Blvd and Pleasant Hill Road

This is our new fave part of the Tube Sale so we’re doing it again! There will be EXACTLY ONE of these- One lucky tube-buyer will receive ONE of EVERY single poster currently in print, that is published by Nakatomi! That means ALL Tim Doyle’s prints, Bernie Wrightson’s prints, and many, many more. Literally DOZENS of posters- regular, variant, foil- WHATEVER edition- if we published it, you will get a copy of it.  The winner last time got around 100 prints in the mail! Retail on this alone last time was over $4000.





One of these three prints will be included in each of the three styles of tubes (A,B,C). They will be randomly inserted into the outgoing orders. We haven’t had a Tube sale with 3 of these chase prints in a LOOONG time, and we expect it to be crazy! The Thing and Lost Boys prints have some edgewear along one side- nothing that won’t frame out, and the Robocop is CRISP. These super rare prints date back to 2006-2009, so this may be your one shot to pick one up for less than market!

With all this awesome, your odds of striking gold are PRETTY DANG GOOD.  Please note- these tubes will be blin

d-packed, and we have no idea what prints are in what tubes!

5 prints, $50- you can knock off gifts for 5 people all at once, letting you cruise into birthday/holiday/apocalypse season with no worries!

Get your clicky fingers ready- we’ve never had a Nakatomi tube sale NOT sell out- we’re may start a little early or late with the drop time, as we’ve had massive server issues during these high-demand drops in the past. Last time though- it went like a BREEZE, so who knows?

SHIPPING NOTE- These tubes SHOULD ship within 2 weeks (14 days) of being ordered, arriving in plenty of time for holiday plans!

Okay- be ready to be HERE at 2pm CENTRAL time on 11/17 and come and get ’em!

-alex fugazi