Check this beautiful thing out!

Final prototype in hand! Much Excite! Very Wow!

Final prototype in hand! Much Excite! Very Wow!

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We are SUPER happy with how this beautiful thing turned out! Between the box construction, the laser etching, and the red velvet interiors, we’re just blown away! Big thanks to our amazing crew and vendors who are pulling this complex project together with us. And SUPER huge thanks to everyone who has pledged so far! Let’s look at more pics of it…

"Insert artwork here"
“Insert artwork here”

The lid fits perfectly in there, and lifts off like a dream! The carpenter really is doing fine work for us. Jim Collard carpentry right here in Austin!

The only way to kill a werewolf...
The only way to kill a werewolf…

Silver bullet included with each of the 50 wood box sets! Each one is 1oz of .999 silver! Inset into the custom upholstery for safe keeping…

Note- we have a metal stamp coming to where we’ll be marking each of these with a “W” from Bernie’s signature! So that way, you can send a werewolf on…with style!  We’ll update with some pics when we have it in hand.


There will only be 50 of these Wood Box sets available at the $800 level, and 5 artist proof sets at the ‘Original Art’ $2000 level. (That level also includes a piece of original Bernie Wrightson art).

If you’ve already pledged, and would like to upgrade to this level, you can do so by adjusting your pledge. Do let us know if you have any questions regarding this!

Thank you all for pledging, and please spread the word!



Thank you all so much!