2 up UK prints

“Don’t Mention the War” and “I Am One” UK Exclusive prints- Now Available on Nakatomi!

Both of these prints by Tim Doyle have been exclusive to the Flood Gallery in London for a while now, and we’re finally releasing artist copies here on Nakatomi!


“Don’t Mention the War” is a 12×24 hand-printed silkscreen print, featuring two split-fountains, and is signed and numbered in an edition of 150 worldwide. Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment, pick one up HERE. $30

i am one

“I Am One” Was originally released WAY BACK in 2010, and this ‘Quadrophenia’ tribute is back in print for the first time since! This 12×24 silkscreen is signed and numbered by the artist in a new edition of 150. This 4-color print features a metallic rain overlay! In hand for immediate shipment- pick one up RIGHT HERE. $30

quadro close up

And for a limited time, you can GET THEM BOTH for just $45! We put together 20 sets, first come, first served! Get the set of both HERE.

Keep a stiff upper lip!

-alex fugazi