DRUNKEN PROMISES- falling off the wagon again!

Artist Tim Doyle’s hit sold-out art print, originally conceived and created in a whiskey-fueled haze is BACK IN STOCK!

This 6-color 18×24 hand-printed poster is signed and numbered by the artist in a new edition of 200 copies worldwide. Features metallic silver ink!

Print is in hand and ready for immediate shipment- pick one up HERE.

jurassic actual

Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment! Whiskey not included.


-alex fugazi

PS- last time we released an edition of Jurassic Galaxy, some dude took it to a gun range, and…well…

If you take one of our prints to a gun-range and shoot it, make sure to get video, and we’ll share it! (although, that may not be your intention…)