So- just to give you all a heads up- the Mystery Tubes were a GIANT hit, and we’ve got a ton of the exclusive prints to crank out and get in each and every tube, to ship out the door.

UNFORTUNATELY, we’re a bit behind at the moment in our printing, and we’re not expecting these mystery tubes to ship out until the end of the month/ early next month.

So, don’t worry- your tube is not lost, and your order is coming.

We here at Nakatomi REALLY pride ourselves in our fast shipping, and almost all orders for in-stock items go out the door within 24 hours of being placed. Since these exclusive prints were made to order, unfortunately we couldn’t print these until AFTER the sale happened.  And the production is taking longer than expected.

So, with that said- thank you all so much as usual for your orders, and I’m glad so many people love this bi-annual sale!

All OTHER orders on the site are still shipping as regular- right out the door as soon as they come in!

Feel free to hit us up through our CONTACT FORM HERE if you have any other questions!

-alex fugazi

PS- here’s a pic of a FedEx crew having the worst day in their lives.