EL REY network, whose offices are literally on the same street as the Nakatomi Print Labs, has commissioned artists Tim Doyle and Josh Budich to produce a print for their Director’s Chair series- this time featuring GEORGE MILLER!

From Doyle– “El Rey/Troublemaker Studios all around graphics/art guy, Kurt Volk, came to me a few months back about producing a series of prints for their upcoming Director’s Chair series. I personally was super-slammed with work, so I called on Josh Budich to handle the first couple of releases in the series. But when I saw that George Miller was next in line, I made sure I got my mitts on this one, and I was super-happy when Budich agreed to collaborate with me on the print!  I drew the car and it’s passengers, and Josh KILLED that portrait of the man himself!  This whole project was art directed by Robert Rodriguez, which is a weird honor to be getting notes from RR!”

Prints measure 18×24, and are in an edition of 350 worldwide! Prints are signed by Doyle, and a printed signature by Budich. Hand Numbered.  Nakatomi will have a VERY LIMITED amount for sale- the bulk went to El Rey and George Miller himself!

Prints are NOW ON SALE HERE in the Nakatomi store!

In hand and ready for immediate shipment.

-alex fugazi