bad cats cover


Back in print! Nakatomi is proud to announce the return of the long sold-out BAD CAT COMICS #1, with a BRAND NEW COVER!

Written and drawn by Tim Doyle with Grey Toning by Paul Maybury, this standard sized comic features a hand-printed silkscreen cover on HEAVY cardstock.

Book is available for $5 HERE in the Nakatomi store!

Inspired by Doyle’s print, “The Camino Cats Make Their Escape,” pictured below-(also on sale here)


Published in conjunction with the Austin-Based literary/arts publication Minerva’s Wreck, this mad-cap chase book answers the question “How exactly does a shark end up in an El Camino, and why are those cats driving it?”

Also- special appearance by Damien Hirst as an insane super-villian. Or, you know- Damien Hirst.

More art from the book-

Available NOW in the Nakatomi store! Pick one up HERE!

-alex fugazi, cat-wrangler.