For the 2nd year in a row, Nakatomi will be set up at the Annual Austin-Based RTX event, put on by the SUPREME NERDS at Rooster Teeth! Above is pictured our booth, during SUPER-EARLY set up. (We were probably the first ones set up the other day…it’s not just us in a big empty room!)

Last year we took part in the event on a lark, and HOLY GEEZ- did RTX deliver the crowds! This year’s event is already expected to bring in over 10K SUPER EXCITED FANS into the Austin Convention Center. We met a ton of new fans, as well as some old fans surprised to see us there!  The community aspect of this event makes it feel really home-y and close-knit, while also standing in a room full of 10K people. A great time was had by all, and we can’t wait to repeat the experience!

Nakatomi will have our traveling gallery on display, with plenty of rare and other-wise unobtainable prints that we hold back for conventions, available for sale!

RTX opens FRIDAY the 4th at 12-6, and then 9-6 Saturday and Sunday.

You can read about the event here, and MAYBE there’s some tickets left?