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We here at Nakatomi have our own silkscreen print shop. You can check it all out here.

We screen print posters every day. We also make a quick dick-related drawing referencing the poster we are about to print on the dry erase board.  We said to ourselves- “Selves, this is too good not to share with the world. The world must see our dick drawings of pop-art.”

And so, @nakatomidicks was born. There’s about 25 images up there now, with more coming all the time. (Pun not intended.) 

If you’ve ever wondered what would a hammerhead shark look like with dicks coming out of it’s head, or how about a giant penis riding a horse?…well, this is the page for you.

My personal favorite is this Baizley-inspired apple/dick-worm thing from the recent Pop-Sub set-

baizley dicks

Also- the color mixing directions up there- “Fucking Dark Purple”.


We’re making the world a better place, clearly.