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What the Gabba?

We had a package show up at Nakatomi headquarters from our friends over at Toddland the other day- and inside we found a small stack of unsold Muno prints from 2012! APPARENTLY, Toddland had held some back from after their Comic-Con 2012 event, and they just never made it up on their site after that! Crazy!

So, we’re SUPER HAPPY to have these VERY LIMITED prints back in hand, and we’re selling them at their original price!  You can pick them up HERE while supplies last!

These 18×24 silkscreens are all from the original first edition printings- the regular print from an edition of 130, and the glow print from an edition of only 30! Nakatomi has MUCH LESS THAN THAT actually on hand! (We only have 2 of the glow prints…)

They’re in hand for immediate shipment, while supplies last. As a note- this print can NEVER be reprinted, so this is your only second chance!

Come get them HERE.

-alex fugazi