Sorry for all the tubes, Mr. McFeely.

Just a quick heads-up, All Mystery Tube orders have shipped- including the eBay orders, except for a couple orders that included the ‘Guitar for Pandas’ art print, which was in production. THAT print was just finished today, and any order for that print, which was placed along with a Mystery Tube order, have now shipped.  Look for ’em soon!

We’ve been getting a ton of messages from happy people on our TWITTER ACCOUNT HERE, and everyone seems pretty stoked about their tubes!

happy brian

happy christian

happy jacob

happy matt

happy nate

happy susanna

We aim to please!

Go ahead and post pics of what you got and tweet us @nakatomitim and let us know what you got! It’s like Poster- Christmas! Or a lottery where you actually get something instead of sadness!

Thanks for all the orders, and we’ll see you guys in another 6 months or so for the next Tube Sale!

-alex fugazi