robo christ

Tim Doyle was asked by Matt Dye of Blunt Graffix to create a poster for the Bijou Metro’s screening of Robocop!

This 18×24 4 color poster is signed and numbered by the artist in a limited edition of only 150.

From Doyle- “Robocop is by far one of the most influential films in my little life. I saw it in the theater in 1987 when I was merely 10 years old, and it completely rewired my brain in new and dark ways. And I thank Paul Verhoven for it every single day of my life. Listening to Verhoven’s commentary, he pointed out that for him- Robocop is a Jesus allegory, calling it ‘The American Jesus.’ And in keeping with great American traditions, this Titanium Jesus raises from the grave not for forgiveness, but for revenge. It’s a bloody mess, and brilliant social satire that has yet to be eclipsed in my opinion. The design is obviously lifted from Dali’s Crucifixion Hypercubus- my favorite film meets my favorite Crucifixion depiction. Two great tastes that go great together.”

Print will be available today at 2pm PACIFIC time on the Blunt Graffix site HERE.

You can see a ton of production photos and sketches on our INSTAGRAM FEED HERE.

-alex fugazi


-alex fugazi