springfield day

The final print in the UnReal Estate 3 print series, “Springfield” is now available exclusively on-line from SpokeArt!  There’s tons of little nods and Easter eggs hidden throughout this print for the eagle-eyed among you!

This 18×24 silkscreen print is available in a day version (above) and night version (below).

springfield night

The day version is $40,and the night version is $60.  The night version glows in the dark! (Mock-up of it glowing below!)

springfield glow mock-up

These prints will be signed and dated by the artist, Tim Doyle. We’re in the middle of printing the first batch of these posters as I write, and they’ll be shipped out to the gallery by the end of the week, and then on to YOU! 

Available HERE NOW in the SpokeArt store.

-alex fugazi