jeebus mystery

Okay- if you want to get one of the FULL SETS of all the UnReal Estate 3 prints, you should really EMAIL SPOKEARTGALLERY at GMAIL.COM. Like, for reals.

Tim Doyle’s newest solo art show, UnReal Estate 3, will be opening on 2/6 at SpokeArt gallery in San Francisco. For those at the opening who want to purchase a full set of all the prints, we’ll have a special treat!

You will receive all 11 prints that will be in the show, 10 of them will be the regular editions, and the 11th will be the above pictured ‘Save Me, Jeebus’ print, in a very special GLOW IN THE DARK and HAND-EMBELLISHED edition of ONLY 50 WORLDWIDE.

To clarify-

This is the regular edition-

jeebus reg web

16×20, edition of 150.

This is the GLOW edition-

jeebus variant web

Which is an edition of ONLY 40. And looks like THIS when glowing-

jeebus GLOWING

Yeah, that’s a rapture going on there. Doodily.

BUT- if you purchase the FULL SET OF ALL THE UNREAL ESTATE 3 PRINTS, you’ll get regular editions of 10 of the prints, the freebie hand-bill print that’s only available the night of the opening, AND you’ll get a special hand-embellished version of the GLOW edition of “Save Me Jeebus” that is limited to 50 copies. What we did was block out the text from printing on the sign, and we hand-lettered in one of the sign-gags from the show on each print, making each one a totally unique, 1/1 print.   Like this-


You can see ALMOST ALL of them in our Flickr Feed here.  These sets will be matched numbered sets, meaning if you get say, set 5, every print will be numbered 5/ whatever the edition size is. No more than 50 sets can be sold.

AND, those sets will be sold first come, first served to those on the SpokeArt collector’s list. Which you can join by emailing them through their site, HERE.

These sets will NEVER be sold anywhere else, so grab ’em while you can! The info on purchasing goes out on MONDAY, so don’t sleep on this!

See you at the opening!

-alex fugazi