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“A Torrent of Light Into Our Dark World” by Bernie Wrightson

This is a special one, folks.

This stunningly beautiful image was created over 30 years ago, but never actually included in the final publication of Bernie Wrightson’s illustrated version of Marry Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Only printed once in the rarely seen and long out-of-print “The Lost Frankenstein” paperback from 20 years ago, this masterpiece is relatively obscure (undeservedly so) compared to the rest of this body of work.

The final print measures 20×30 and is signed and numbered in an edition of only 160. There are no AP copies of this print in existence. 110 of these prints are already shipped out to subscribers of the Frankenstein Series, leaving us only 50 copies to sell to the general public.

torrent close up

At the time of this writing Subscriptions are still available HERE. If this print sells out upon release, Full Subscriptions will no longer be available.

“A Torrent of Light Into Our Dark World” will be available on the Nakatomi site at 2PM Central Time in the store pages HERE.

On a personal note, we’re completely impressed with how amazing Bernie has been to work with on this project- the man is a living legend, and yet he’s always accessible and kind- a true gentleman in every regard.

Also- his studio has a bunch of skulls in it, and that’s pretty rad and a little scary. Bonus!

-alex fugazi