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Jon Smith’s print series of Famous Drunks stumbles on, shuffling down the street, hugging lamp-posts for stability!

Need to liven up your bar? Need to hang some art in your downtown bachelor pad? Want to stare at some pretty faces while you get blotto, which is better than the sad face staring back at you from the mirror behind SAID BAR?

A grouping of some of the most PROMINENT alcoholics to grace your television set every Sunday Night (for now, at least) this MAD print set features FOUR 9×12 prints, signed and numbered by Jon in an edition of 150!

ALSO AVAILABLE- a gold metallic ink variant, in a 4-print set of 40, and an uncut sheet limited to ONLY 10!

drink sheet var


All these prints, plus a TINY bit left over from the last set, are available HERE in the JON SMITH section of the Nakatomi store! Prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment!

-alex fugazi