Boris the Blue Whale!

From Clint Wilson-

“May is over, and summer is here! This time, we are greeted with the largest animal on the planet. Boris is a Blue Whale. He enjoys traveling and makes his way all around the world, never settling in one place for too long.”


Boris will be available at NAKATOMI in the usual sets of a 12×12 print, a 5×5 print and a sticker all in one nice package!

If you’re local in Austin, you’ll also be able to pick him up from Parts And Labour on South Congress!

Available NOW in the Clint Wilson Section of the Nakatomi Store, along with the previous releases! HERE.

Take a look at this amazing process video Clint made to show the creation of this piece, from drawing to finished print! Lots of footage of the Nakatomi Print Labs in action!-

-alex fugazi