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Freebie Giveaway prints!

WELL- our last freebie portrait print set wrapped up with the most recent Tube Sale, and so we’re moving on to SOMETHING NEW! Something who? Oh- SOMETHING WHO.

These two prints are the first in what we hope will be an 11 (or is it 12? SPOILERS.) set of portraits that we’re giving away for free with orders! 

Each 2-color hand-printed image measures 9×24, and is signed and numbered by Doyle in editions of 150 each. There will also be a Silver Metallic Variant edition of only 20 of each, which will also be randomly inserted in orders. 

The next 300 orders on the site will get ONE of these prints- we’ll tweet and update this page when they’re gone.

YOU MUST ORDER A POSTER to get one of these. We cannot ship this in a bag w/ a t-shirt, or an envelope with postcards or stickers.

What should you pick up to get one of these? Well, there is a BIG awesome Bernie Wrightson print release happening in about 14 hours from this blog post’s writing…

-alex fugazi