Doctor Who and the Daleks!


Tim Doyle’s Doctor Who print for the Studio Canal Doctor Who movie from the 60’s is now an official DVD/ Blu-Ray cover! How crazy is that?!?


These should be available shortly- no word on if there’s an all-region release, or if it’s UK only, but we’ll keep you posted!


If you live in the UK and still need a copy of the original print, Under The Floorboards will have ’em at their conventions this Summer- you can see their schedule HERE

We also have a TINY TINY bit of AP’s here, so if you’re interested, just give us an email through the contact form!


Here’s a special behind the scenes look into how this print / image was made!


When I first got the gig, I was a fan of the Doctor, but hadn’t seen this film in about 20 years or so- luckily, the older non-restored version was still available on Amazon, so I gave it a spin! My good friend, and Doctor Who expert, Paul Hanley had a model of the particular Daleks as seen in this movie, so he was able to lend it to me so I could shoot my own reference!  Next I made a collage of how I wanted everything arranged, so I could send it to the client and make sure they were happy with the direction I had chosen-



doctor who collage


The Daleks were shot from the model, and the rest of the elements were from either screen-grabs from the DVD, or google-image search.  This was approved, but I still needed a solid reference for Peter Cushing as the doctor, standing tall (ish) as I couldn’t find one in the film that fit the bill. I wanted to make sure I got his build right- even as an outline, I needed to make sure it still ‘read’ as Cushing.  Off to Google again!


Strangely, the best image I could find was a drawing by Paul Hanley- my friend who loaned me the Dalek model to begin with!  Crazy.  Paul’s a killer artist who’s done a ton of Who work- You should totally check out his Deviant Art page HERE.  Not only is Paul responsible for my new-found Who obsession, but he was a big help with this print!

So, from that collage, I created this hand-drawn line-art image-

doctor who og

(If you’re interested in the Original Art, it is currently available in my eBay store- just scroll down)

Which was then scanned in and colored and separated in Photoshop for printing, and then printed in my shop- so we arrive at THIS-

who actual

Pretty neat, huh?

Thanks to Under the Floorboards for the gig, and thanks to Studio Canal for thinking the image was neat enough for a DVD!

-Tim Doyle