Hello Everyone!

If you’re reading this- GO HERE RIGHT NOW to pick one of these up- supplies are very, VERY limited. No foolin!

If you’re still here, read on:

“Nakatomi is now releasing my artist copies of the Unreal Estate 2 show that opened last month in San Francisco.  The majority of these prints sold out immediately from the gallery, but we did have a tiny bit here to cover damages or losses in shipping.  Now that all those orders have shipped and the majority have landed, we’re now making these copies available. I’m very sorry to say that we really barely have any of some of these, so people are going to be disappointed no matter how we do this- but I hope this can make some people happy, at least!  It is a mix of AP’s and #’d copies in here- they’ll be randomly doled out with orders. The ap editions on all of these are around 5-10% of the regular edition. They’re printed at the same time, so there’s no real difference, but I know some people like to know. Anyway, thanks for the amazing response to my work, and have a good week!”- Tim Doyle

Prints are available here

-alex fugazi