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Jon Smith is leaving the Pacific North West and dragging himself down to the decidedly drier and less rainy (read- DROUGHT PRONE) city of Austin. And in order to lighten the load on his way down, he’s having an EPIC TUBE SALE OF EPIC PROPORTIONALITY!

For a mere $50, you’ll get SIX screen-printed posters, and Jon is opening the archive and oddity vaults WIDE OPEN to make this a sale that will not be soon forgotten!


From Jon himself-

“I’m moving to Austin and I’ve uncovered some hidden gems- including long sold out prints like my Roger Waters poster, Ghostland Observatory House Of Blues, Beck, Ween, AND a few of my Obama prints. All quite rare BUT that’s not all! I am also including one of a kind test prints and uncut sheets from over the years.  6 prints, $50, everything must go I wont be undersold!!! WHACKY CRAZY BLOWOUT PRICES!!!”

Yup- check out that sweet BLACK KEYS Columbus Uncut print up there!

And below-


That’s 2 copies of Smith’s super-rare test-sheet edition of ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ Obama poster!
More, you say?
That’s a 1/1 CMY version of Jon and Nate Duval’s CMYK BLACK KEYS print! Crazy!
These awesome rarities are barely scratching the surface of what Jon’s putting in here, TRUTH!
Here’s the low-down. We’ve got about 50 tubes worth of stuff. Each tube will be blind-packed, and then shipped out to customers who order, so it will be 100% totally random who gets what. 
These tubes will go up for sale at 1PM Central Time on TUESDAY the 22nd in the JON SMITH Section of the Nakatomi Store.
6 prints, $50- you can NOT get a better deal out there! Help Jon escape the North and get on down to Texas and pick one up!


Please note that because this is 6 prints in one tube, we will not be able to fit in the freebie portrait print that we are shipping out with other tube orders!


-alex fugazi