PANGEA SEED print Suite Info!

Pangea Seed is an organization we here at Nakatomi  believe in and support whole-heartedly. Their mission, the preservation of the bio-diversity of the world’s oceans, with a focus on ending the brutal Shark-Fin trade, is crucial to life here on Earth. To help fund their 2014 touring art-show, they have begun a massive print-suite program, featuring some amazing artists.  Nakatomi founder, Tim Doyle is extremely honored to not only participate in the program, but also provide screen-printing services to the project through his Nakatomi Print Labs.   Each artist is assigned one ocean-animal from the endangered species list, and creates a print for the series. The prints will be available one print a month, for the entire year.

The first print is yet to be revealed, but you can pre-purchase the ENTIRE YEAR of prints right now on PangeaSeed’s site.

List of artists- Ken Taylor, Dave Kinsey, Tatiana Suarez, Brad Klausen, Kozyndan, Emek, Rhys Cooper, Frank Kozik, Caia Koopman, Tim Doyle, Greg Craola Simkins, and Jeff Soto.

For those of you collecting Tim Doyle prints- the edition will be rather small, and Doyle will not have prints available of this image on his website for at least ONE YEAR, if any copies are left over at all.  And if you’re wondering, YES- this print of his will be from the ‘Sea Also Rises’ series.

So for those of you who want the entire series- head on over to the Pangea Seed site, and for those of you just want the Doyle print- we will tell you when they are available through this blog/ Facebook/ Twitter, etc.

-alex fugazi