Mucho Machismo was the hit gallery show at SpokeArt Oakland back in September, and we’re proud to be able to offer up the remaining prints from the Nakatomi Regulars of Jon Smith and Nick Derington!

All prints are in hand and ready for immediate shipment-

YOU VIL LOSE- 12×18, edition of 200 by Jon Smith. Rocky 4 /Punch-Out mash-up!  Don’t give up, Apollo! Join the Nintendo Fun Club!

Beverly Hills Cobra- 18×24 edition of 100 by Jon Smith! Stallone was originally the pick for Beverly Hills Cop- weird but true!

Sexual Tyrannosaurus- 12×18 by Jon Smith- edition of 100. Inspired by PROBABLY the best throw-away one liner in the history of cinema!

Somebody Wake Up Hicks- 18×24, edition of 86- the same year the movie came out! By Nick Derington.

All these prints from Mucho Machismo (and 2 more from Doyle) are available RIGHT NOW in the Nakatomi Store HERE.

-alex fugazi