The newest print in our ONGOING series (which you can see all of in this Flickr set)– is now available!

Just like the rest in this series, it measures 9×24, and is signed and numbered by the artist, Tim Doyle. This particular one is in an edition of only 100!  We snuck a lot of these randomly into the recent Mystery Tube sale as a special bonus BONUS print, and a few of them have started popping up on eBay already Like THIS ONE where some poor dude paid $100 for it…

Well, we feel bad that people are getting gouged on this print while we’re still sitting on 25 of these puppies, so we’re opening ’em up to people RIGHT NOW!

You will have to ADD THIS ITEM to your shopping cart to get one, and when they’re no longer able to be added, that means we are sold out of them!  The print only costs ONE PENNY (almost free) and you will also have to ORDER ONE OTHER PRINT!  This print is just one penny, with the addition of one other print, any print from the site.

Make sense?

Okay- GO GET ‘EM, TIGER…uh  OWL!

-alex fugazi