“The Pipe Cleaner” by Russ Moore!

Russ Moore’s next entry in his line of Sold-Out Video Game inspired prints, the Halloween appropriate ‘The Pipe Cleaner’ goes on sale THIS TUESDAY the 23rd at 2PM Central Time.  You can see the previous entries HERE and HERE.

This 4-color 18×24 screenprint features a split fountain, and is signed and numbered by Russ in an edition of 100. Nakatomi will also have a variant edition printed on metallic ice-silver (white) Curious brand paper- and edition of only 17!

The images from this series hit Reddit today, and quickly rocketed up the charts, causing the previous print in the series “The Hunter of Zebes” to sell out from Russ’ site and Nakatomi immediately! You can see the thread on Reddit HERE.

Here’s a pic of the actual print!

Prints are in hand and ready to ship immediately upon ordering- if you live in-country, you’ll have these in hand for the holiday!

Prints will be available for sale HERE come Tuesday the 23rd at 2pm Central time.

(note- there is nothing there now, silly!)

And if you’re not totally familiar with Russ’ work, check out his site HERE.

-alex fugazi